Empowering Passion...

Working to Improve Business Processes for More than a Decade.

Since 2008, I have been working to improve access to accountant and bookkeeping education, insight, and optimization to help business owners empower their passion.  I approach all of my projects with equal gusto, encouraging my clients, partners, and audience to approach their own passions with vision, mission, and purpose.

It all started with Polymath, LLC in beautiful Ashland, Oregon—my home.  Polymath was created with the intention to provide high quality and much-needed accounting consultation services to struggling local businesses in Southern Oregon.  Over the years Polymath grew to a variety of projects, including the Ask A Bookkeeper educational YouTube channel (featuring puppets!) and Facebook Group, the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association, and more.  By 2016, Polymath's focus had largely shifted to helping business leaders in the Tours & Activities industry improve internal processes, better manage their finances, and achieve their ultimate dreams.

In 2020, I made the decision to shutter the Polymath brand to better reflect my focus on the Tours & Activities industry, and the Priestess of Profits was born.  For years I had already been referred to as the Priestess of Profits by clients and partners alike, so it was a natural change necessary to better reflect that intention.  If you're a financial professional or business leader in the Tours & Activities industry, please head on over to the Priestess of Profits website to discover what I can offer you and your organization.

Through the years of working in accountant education and business leader consulting, I have been asked to speak many times at a wide variety of events including  Intuit’s Quickbooks ConnectScaling New HeightsArival, and many more.  I am currently accepting new speaking engagements, so if you would like to book me to speak at your event, please contact me today and we can discover together if I would be a good fit to speak to your audience.

Today, my passion focuses on my Priestess of Profits consulting services for Tours & Activities businesses, my public speaking engagements, and as always, providing leading-edge accountant education services, resources and consulting to businesses in need.  I work from my homestead in Southern Oregon, enjoying my downtime with my goats, chickens, and garden.

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