The Best Year-End Process Ever: It truly is a thing of nerdy #bookkeeping beauty.

In December of 2016 an article I wrote about my unique Year-End Wrap-Up process was featured in Intuit's Firm of the Future blog, and that process has since been adopted by countless businesses around the globe!  I'm honored that so many have found my YEWU to be so useful, beneficial, and efficient for their businesses.

From the Firm of the Future article:

"Our darling Penny the Practical Professional thinks that a YEWU is a magical creature that is half-yeti and half-emu. She believes that the YEWU comes around only once a year to bring presents to all the good business owners who filed their payroll forms and 1099’s on time, and whose QuickBooks are in order for taxes without needing an extension.

In fact, YEWU stands for Year-End Wrap-Up. It’s the process we go through at the end of each year with all of our clients to make sure that their 1099’s and W2’s get done on time. We also ensure that their books are all clean and ready for their tax accountants."

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Download your very own YEWU Routine from the Accountant Education page here:

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